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The Vigil@nce team watches public vulnerabilities impacting your computers, and then offers security solutions, a database and tools to fix them.
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Vulnerabilities of HP-UX

HP-UX vulnerability: clear text session via SKIP-TLS
An attacker, who has a TLS server, can force the JSSE, CyaSSL, Mono or OpenSSL client/server to use a clear text session, in order to allow a third party to capture or alter exchanged data.

HP-UX vulnerability: NULL pointer dereference via ssl23_get_client_hello
An attacker can force a NULL pointer to be dereferenced in ssl23_get_client_hello() of OpenSSL, in order to trigger a denial of service.

HP-UX vulnerability: privilege escalation via libpam_updbe
An attacker can use libpam_updbe of HP-UX, in order to escalate his privileges.

HP-UX vulnerability: memory leak via Session Ticket
An attacker can use a malicious Session Ticket, to create a memory leak in OpenSSL, in order to trigger a denial of service.

HP-UX vulnerability: Cross Site Request Forgery of SMH
An attacker can trigger a Cross Site Request Forgery in SMH of HP-UX, in order to force the victim to perform operations.

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