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Vulnerabilities of HP-UX

HP-UX vulnerability: privilege escalation via m4
A local attacker can use m4 on HP-UX, in order to escalate his privileges.

HP-UX vulnerability: distributed denial of service via monlist
An attacker can use monlist of, in order to trigger a distributed denial of service.

HP-UX vulnerability: denial of service via mod_dav
An attacker can send a MERGE query for mod_dav of Apache HTTP Server, in order to trigger a denial of service.

HP-UX vulnerability: character injection via mod_rewrite
An attacker can use special characters, which are not filtered by mod_rewrite of Apache httpd 2.2, in order to inject them in the log file.

HP-UX vulnerability: denial of service via hash collision
An attacker can send data generating storage collisions in a Perl applications, in order to overload a service.

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