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The Vigil@nce team watches public vulnerabilities impacting your computers, and then offers security solutions, a database and tools to fix them.
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Vulnerabilities of NETASQ Firewall

NETASQ Firewall vulnerability: denial of service
An attacker can create a malicious RAR archive in order to stop ClamAV or unrar.

NETASQ Firewall vulnerability: vulnerabilities of CHM, CAB and PDF
An attacker can create CHM, CAB and PDF files leading to denials of service or to code execution on ClamAV.

NETASQ Firewall vulnerability: denial of service of ARP
An attacker can generate a memory leak during transparent VLAN usage.

NETASQ Firewall vulnerability: denials of service
An attacker can send HTTP or UDP data to stop the system.

NETASQ Firewall vulnerability: incorrect handling of mbox, TNEF, CAB, FSG and OLE files
An attacker can create archives corrupting ClamAV memory, or leading to infinite loops.

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