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vulnerability alert 12231

AIX 6, AIX 7: two vulnerabilities

Synthesis of the vulnerability

Two vulnerabilities have been announced in AIX.
Impacted products: AIX.
Severity: 2/4.
Creation date: 13/12/2012.
Identifiers: 2827, 2828, VIGILANCE-VUL-12231.

Description of the vulnerability

Two vulnerabilities have been announced in AIX.

An attacker can trigger a symbol resolution from a shared symbol table for 64 bits program, in order to crash the system. [severity:2/4]

IOCP is a feature from AIX that allow applications to use asynchronous input/output. An attacker can manage a connection while using IOCP, in order to crash the system. One of the requirements is that the application must close the connection while the system is receiving data. [severity:2/4]
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