The Vigil@nce team watches public vulnerabilities impacting your computers, and then offers security solutions, a database and tools to fix them.

Each user customizes the list of software to track.

As soon as Vigil@nce publishes an alert for one of his software, the user receives a bulletin, containing an helpful explanation of the threat, its patches and workarounds.

The administrator then uses the online Vigil@nce diary in order to plan and track the security process.

Our offer...
public vulnerabilities
2 WordPress Fluid Responsive Slideshow: Cross Site Request Forgery
2 Joomla GMapFP: Cross Site Scripting
2 extplorer: Cross Site Request Forgery
3 multiple vulnerabilities
1 Apache httpd: denial of service via HTTP version 2
3 Oracle Java: several vulnerabilities of October 2015
2 WordPress Brafton: Cross Site Scripting via BraftonAdminPage.php
2 Cisco IOS XR: denial of service via LPTS
2 Linux kernel: privilege escalation via MSR
2 pfSense: Cross Site Scripting via WebGUI
2 TYPO3: Cross Site Scripting via RemoveXSS.php BASE64
2 Drupal Dropbox Client: two vulnerabilities
1 SQLite: database corruption using unsafe temporary folders
2 Cisco Web Security Appliance: memory leak via HTTP Response Code
2 Cisco Web Security Appliance: denial of service via HTTP POST
recent vulnerabilities
2 Android Contacts: phone calls
2 Joomla Fancy Tag Cloud: read-write access
3 Cisco ASA: incorrect filtering of ICMP Echo Request
2 MIT krb5: denial of service via KDC TGT Only
3 Impress: memory corruption via MetaActions
2 Node.js gmail-js: Cross Site Scripting via DOM
2 Node.js swagger-ui: Cross Site Scripting
2 Node.js jQuery-UI: Cross Site Scripting via dialog
3 Cisco ASR 5000: denial of service via ASN1C Compiler
4 Google Chrome: multiple vulnerabilities
3 PHP: multiple vulnerabilities
3 Oracle Outside In Technology: vulnerabilities of July 2016
2 PHP: memory corruption via bzread
2 WordPress Paid Memberships Pro: Cross Site Scripting
2 Node.js swagger-ui: Cross Site Scripting via Consumes or Produces

Vulnerabilities are discovered daily and published on thousands of internet information sources.
Vigil@nce describes these vulnerabilities and how to protect your system. This information is customized according to your environment, it is available on a web site and sent by e-mail alerts.
Your team secures and protects your networks based on Vigil@nce information and tools.

Your environment

  • A database describing more than 25000 vulnerabilities and their 40000 solutions.
  • A web space where each user defines his preferences.
  • Alert and synthesis e-mails, to inform your teams.
  • A customized tracking of your software and systems.
  • A diary to plan solutions to install, and to monitor the security process of each computer.
  • A manager view, and customized reports.

Your benefits

  • A customized watch on computer vulnerabilities and their solutions.
  • An experienced team at your service for more than 17 years.
  • A tool to monitor the security process of your networks and computers.
  • A CVE compatible solution.
  • A time saving for your team which concentrates on important tasks.