The Vigil@nce team watches public vulnerabilities impacting your computers, and then offers security solutions, a database and tools to fix them.

Each user customizes the list of software to track.

As soon as Vigil@nce publishes an alert for one of his software, the user receives a bulletin, containing a simple explanation of the threat, its patches and workarounds.

The administrator then uses the online Vigil@nce diary in order to plan and track the security process.

Our offer...
public vulnerabilities
2 Python urllib3: information disclosure via Authorization Header
2 JasPer: out-of-bounds memory reading via jas_image_ishomosamp
2 Joomla Kunena: Cross Site Scripting
2 Ruby Rack: Cross Site Scripting via Rack-Request
2 PHP: NULL pointer dereference via Unserializing COM Objects
2 Ruby i18n: denial of service via Hash-slice
2 GraphicsMagick: memory leak via WriteMSLImage
2 libmatroska: use after free
2 Xen: denial of service via Shadow Paging
2 Xen: denial of service via INVPCID Non-canonical Addresses
2 Xen: denial of service via x86 P2M Page Removals
2 Xen: denial of service via x86 IOREQ
2 Xen: privilege escalation via Insufficient AMD IOMMU TLB Flushing
2 WebSphere AS: external XML entity injection
2 Zope 2: information disclosure via Passw String
recent vulnerabilities
2 Poppler: assertion error via Object-dictLookup
2 Poppler: NULL pointer dereference via XRef-getEntry
2 TYPO3 Core: Cross Site Scripting via Flash WebSVG Component
3 TYPO3 Core: code execution via CommandUtility API
3 TYPO3 Extensions: four vulnerabilities
2 apt: Man-in-the-Middle
3 TYPO3 Core: multiple vulnerabilities
2 WebKitGTK+: multiple vulnerabilities
1 FreeRDP: information disclosure via drdynvc_process_capability_request
3 Axway File Transfer Direct: directory traversal
2 Joomla JoomCRM: SQL injection
2 Joomla JoomProject: information disclosure via Json Format
2 Joomla J-CruiseReservation: SQL injection
3 SPIP: multiple vulnerabilities
2 PoDoFo: integer overflow via PdfObjectStreamParserObject-ReadObjectsFromStream

Vulnerabilities are discovered daily and published on thousands of internet information sources.
Vigil@nce announces these vulnerabilities and how to protect your system. This information is customized according to your environment, it is available on a web site and sent by e-mail alerts.
Your team secures and protects your networks based on Vigil@nce information and tools.

Your environment

  • A database describing more than 25000 vulnerabilities and their 60000 solutions.
  • A web space where each user defines his preferences.
  • Alert and synthesis e-mails, to inform your teams.
  • A customized tracking of your software and systems.
  • A diary to plan solutions to install, and to monitor the security process of each computer.
  • A manager view, and customized reports.

Your benefits

  • A customized watch on computer vulnerabilities and their solutions.
  • An experienced team at your service for more than 20 years.
  • A tool to monitor the security process of your networks and computers.
  • A CVE compatible solution.
  • A time saving for your team which concentrates on important tasks.