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Computer vulnerabilities of APC Switched Rack PDU

Treck IP Stack: multiple vulnerabilities
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of Treck IP Stack...
ARUBA-PSA-2020-006, CERTFR-2020-AVI-375, cisco-sa-treck-ip-stack-JyBQ5GyC, CVE-2020-11896, CVE-2020-11897, CVE-2020-11898, CVE-2020-11899, CVE-2020-11900, CVE-2020-11901, CVE-2020-11902, CVE-2020-11903, CVE-2020-11904, CVE-2020-11905, CVE-2020-11906, CVE-2020-11907, CVE-2020-11908, CVE-2020-11909, CVE-2020-11910, CVE-2020-11911, CVE-2020-11912, CVE-2020-11913, CVE-2020-11914, HPESBHF04012, HPESBNW04010, Ripple20, VIGILANCE-VUL-32551, VU#257161
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