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Computer vulnerabilities of Alcatel-Lucent 4760 NMS

Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista: code execution via GIOP
An unauthenticated attacker can use a vulnerability via GIOP of Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista, in order to run code...
CVE-2016-9796, VIGILANCE-VUL-21265
Alcatel OmniVista 4760: file reading
An attacker can use a special HTTP GET query, in order to read the content of files located on the Alcatel OmniVista 4760 Network Management System computer...
BID-46624, CERTA-2011-AVI-130, CVE-2011-0345, DDIVRT-2010-30, VIGILANCE-VUL-10412, VU-101102-1
Alcatel OmniVista 4760: buffer overflow of proxy
An attacker can send a long HTTP query to the proxy of Alcatel OmniVista 4760, in order to execute code...
BID-43338, CERTA-2010-AVI-453, CVE-2010-3281, n.runs-SA-2010.002, VIGILANCE-VUL-9962
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