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Computer vulnerabilities of Apache Santuario XML Security for Java

Oracle Java, OpenJDK: vulnerabilities of April 2020
Several vulnerabilities were announced in Oracle products...
6206850, 6235886, 6247119, 6247141, 6250529, 6369095, 6370579, 6371646, 6382282, 6415639, 6435147, 6436781, 6442605, CERTFR-2020-AVI-217, cpuapr2020, CVE-2020-2754, CVE-2020-2755, CVE-2020-2756, CVE-2020-2757, CVE-2020-2764, CVE-2020-2767, CVE-2020-2773, CVE-2020-2778, CVE-2020-2781, CVE-2020-2800, CVE-2020-2803, CVE-2020-2805, CVE-2020-2816, CVE-2020-2830, DLA-2193-1, DSA-2020-130, DSA-2020-135, DSA-2020-151, DSA-2020-160, DSA-2020-198, DSA-4662-1, DSA-4668-1, FEDORA-2020-07aa58121a, FEDORA-2020-21ca991b3b, FEDORA-2020-36298e20f7, FEDORA-2020-372eeb28f3, FEDORA-2020-4578c4a082, FEDORA-2020-5386fe3bbb, FEDORA-2020-73341c894c, FEDORA-2020-755e4213b5, FEDORA-2020-831ec85119, FEDORA-2020-92ed6d99e4, FEDORA-2020-a60ad9d4ec, JSA11110, KB0085480, NTAP-20200416-0004, openSUSE-SU-2020:0757-1, openSUSE-SU-2020:0800-1, openSUSE-SU-2020:0841-1, RHSA-2020:1506-01, RHSA-2020:1507-01, RHSA-2020:1508-01, RHSA-2020:1509-01, RHSA-2020:1512-01, RHSA-2020:1514-01, RHSA-2020:1515-01, RHSA-2020:1516-01, RHSA-2020:1517-01, RHSA-2020:2236-01, RHSA-2020:2237-01, RHSA-2020:2238-01, RHSA-2020:2239-01, RHSA-2020:2241-01, RHSA-2021:0717-01, RHSA-2021:0736-01, SB10332, SUSE-SU-2020:14398-1, SUSE-SU-2020:1511-2, SUSE-SU-2020:1571-1, SUSE-SU-2020:1683-1, SUSE-SU-2020:1684-1, SUSE-SU-2020:1685-1, SUSE-SU-2020:1686-1, USN-4337-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-32028
Apache Santuario XML Security for Java: privilege escalation via XML Parsing Code
An attacker can bypass restrictions via XML Parsing Code of Apache Santuario XML Security for Java, in order to escalate his privileges...
6382284, CERTFR-2020-AVI-179, CVE-2019-12400, NTAP-20190910-0003, RHSA-2020:0804-01, RHSA-2020:0805-01, RHSA-2020:0806-01, RHSA-2020:0811-01, RHSA-2020:0951-01, RHSA-2020:0952-01, VIGILANCE-VUL-30141
Apache Santuario XML Security for Java: incorrect check of Streaming XML Signature
An attacker can create a malicious XML document, which is accepted as correctly signed by StAX of Apache Santuario XML Security for Java...
CVE-2014-8152, VIGILANCE-VUL-16001
XML: bypassing signature
The XMLDsig recommendation allows an attacker to bypass the signature of an XML document...
269208, 47526, 6868619, 981343, BID-35671, CVE-2009-0217, DSA-1849-1, FEDORA-2009-8121, FEDORA-2009-8157, FEDORA-2009-8456, FEDORA-2009-8473, HPSBUX02476, MDVSA-2009:267, MDVSA-2009:268, MDVSA-2009:269, MDVSA-2009:318, MDVSA-2009:322, MS10-041, PK80596, PK80627, RHSA-2009:1428-01, SSRT090250, VIGILANCE-VUL-8864, VU#466161
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