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Computer vulnerabilities of CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control

CA Privileged Access Manager: privilege escalation via jk-manager/jk-status
An attacker can bypass restrictions via jk-manager/jk-status of CA Privileged Access Manager, in order to escalate his privileges...
CA20190212-01, CVE-2019-7392, VIGILANCE-VUL-28500
CA Privileged Access Manager: multiple vulnerabilities
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of CA Privileged Access Manager...
CA20180614-01, CVE-2015-4664, CVE-2015-4665, CVE-2015-4666, CVE-2015-4667, CVE-2015-4668, CVE-2015-4669, CVE-2018-9021, CVE-2018-9022, CVE-2018-9023, CVE-2018-9024, CVE-2018-9025, CVE-2018-9026, CVE-2018-9027, CVE-2018-9028, CVE-2018-9029, VIGILANCE-VUL-26437
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