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Computer vulnerabilities of Computer Associates Workload Automation

CA Workload Automation: privilege escalation via casrvc
A local attacker can use the program casrvc of CA Workload Automation, in order to change arbitrary files and maybe to get a shell with administrator privileges...
CA20170126-01, CVE-2016-9795, VIGILANCE-VUL-21695
CA Workload Automation AE: three vulnerabilities
An attacker can use three vulnerabilities of CA Workload Automation AE, in order to raise its privileges...
CA20150604-01, CVE-2015-3316, CVE-2015-3317, CVE-2015-3318, VIGILANCE-VUL-17071
CA ARCserve Backup, Workload Automation: two vulnerabilities of CA License
A local attacker can use two vulnerabilities of CA License, in order to elevate his privileges or to create a file, via CA ARCserve Backup or CA Workload Automation...
BID-55737, CA20121001-01, CERTA-2012-AVI-543, CVE-2012-0691, CVE-2012-0692, VIGILANCE-VUL-11991
CA Directory: denial of service via SNMP
An attacker can send a malicious SNMP packer to CA Directory, in order to stop it, or to create a denial of service on products depending on it...
BID-50699, CA20111116-01, CERTA-2011-AVI-660, CVE-2011-3849, VIGILANCE-VUL-11165
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