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Computer vulnerabilities of Contivity VPN/Gateway

Nortel VPN Router: 3 vulnerabilities
Three vulnerabilities affect Nortel VPN Router, the worst one permits a remote access...
2007007918, BID-23562, CVE-2007-2332, CVE-2007-2333, CVE-2007-2334, VIGILANCE-VUL-6753
Nortel SSL VPN Net Direct Client: privilege elevation
A local attacker can obtain root privileges via several vulnerabilities of Unix VPN client...
Nortel SSL VPN: configuration change trough HTTP interface
Some changes can be done when an administration web page is displayed...
BID-15798, CVE-2005-4197, SA-20051211-0, SEC Consult SA-20051211-0, VIGILANCE-VUL-5422
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