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Computer vulnerabilities of Debian Lenny

ClamAV: multiple vulnerabilities
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of ClamAV...
CVE-2016-1371, CVE-2016-1372, DLA-546-1, DLA-546-2, STORM-2016-003, STORM-2016-004, USN-3093-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-20374
QEMU: four vulnerabilities via VMWARE VMXNET3
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities via VMWARE VMXNET3 of QEMU...
CVE-2016-6833, CVE-2016-6834, CVE-2016-6835, CVE-2016-6836, DLA-1497-1, FEDORA-2016-a56fb613a8, FEDORA-2017-12394e2cc7, FEDORA-2017-b953d4d3a4, openSUSE-SU-2016:2494-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2497-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2642-1, RHSA-2017:2392-01, SUSE-SU-2016:2473-1, SUSE-SU-2016:2507-1, SUSE-SU-2016:2533-1, SUSE-SU-2016:2589-1, SUSE-SU-2017:2946-1, SUSE-SU-2017:2969-1, USN-3125-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-20372
Nettle: information disclosure via Cache Sharing
An attacker can bypass access restrictions to data via Cache Sharing of Nettle, in order to obtain sensitive information...
bulletinoct2018, cpuapr2020, CVE-2016-6489, DLA-593-1, openSUSE-SU-2017:1533-1, RHSA-2016:2582-02, USN-3193-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-20370
PostgreSQL: two vulnerabilities
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of PostgreSQL...
CERTFR-2016-AVI-281, CVE-2016-5423, CVE-2016-5424, DLA-592-1, DSA-2019-131, DSA-3646-1, FEDORA-2016-30b01bdedd, FEDORA-2016-5486a6dfc0, openSUSE-SU-2016:2425-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2464-1, openSUSE-SU-2017:1021-1, RHSA-2016:1781-01, RHSA-2016:1820-01, RHSA-2016:1821-01, RHSA-2016:2606-02, SUSE-SU-2016:2414-1, SUSE-SU-2016:2415-1, SUSE-SU-2016:2418-1, USN-3066-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-20369
flex: buffer overflow via yy_get_next_buffer
An attacker can generate a buffer overflow via yy_get_next_buffer of flex, in order to trigger a denial of service, and possibly to run code...
CERTFR-2017-AVI-134, CVE-2016-6354, DSA-3653-1, DSA-3653-2, FEDORA-2016-8d79ade826, FEDORA-2016-c9ad9582f7, FEDORA-2017-31c64a0bbf, FEDORA-2017-82265ed89e, FEDORA-2017-87e23bcc34, MFSA-2017-10, MFSA-2017-11, MFSA-2017-12, MFSA-2017-13, openSUSE-SU-2016:2167-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2182-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2253-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2254-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2378-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:2450-1, openSUSE-SU-2017:0356-1, SSA:2017-112-01, VIGILANCE-VUL-20338
PowerDNS: denial of service via Zone Size
An attacker can generate a fatal error via Zone Size of PowerDNS, in order to trigger a denial of service...
CVE-2016-6172, DLA-627-1, DSA-3664-1, FEDORA-2016-7098bdc536, openSUSE-SU-2016:2116-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-20337
Linux kernel: memory corruption via audit_log_single_execve_arg
An attacker can generate a memory corruption via audit_log_single_execve_arg() of the Linux kernel, in order to trigger a denial of service, and possibly to run code...
120681, 1353533, CERTFR-2016-AVI-315, CERTFR-2016-AVI-334, CVE-2016-6136, DLA-609-1, DSA-3659-1, FEDORA-2016-30e3636e79, FEDORA-2016-754e4768d8, JSA11023, K90803619, RHSA-2016:2574-02, RHSA-2016:2584-02, RHSA-2017:0307-01, USN-3084-1, USN-3084-2, USN-3084-3, USN-3084-4, USN-3097-1, USN-3097-2, USN-3098-1, USN-3098-2, VIGILANCE-VUL-20336
Fontconfig: use after free
An attacker can force the usage of a freed memory area of Fontconfig, in order to trigger a denial of service, and possibly to run code...
bulletinoct2016, CVE-2016-5384, DLA-587-1, DSA-3644-1, FEDORA-2016-6802f2e52a, FEDORA-2016-e23ab56ce3, openSUSE-SU-2016:2272-1, RHSA-2016:2601-02, USN-3063-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-20335
MuPDF: buffer overflow via pdf_load_mesh_params
An attacker can generate a buffer overflow via pdf_load_mesh_params of MuPDF, in order to trigger a denial of service, and possibly to run code...
CVE-2016-6525, DLA-589-1, DSA-3655-1, FEDORA-2017-3b97b275da, FEDORA-2017-9a819664a6, VIGILANCE-VUL-20333
Proxy Auto-Config: obtaining visited HTTPS URLs
An attacker can host a PAC file conceived to retrieve information sent to FindProxyForURL(), and use a Man-in-the-Middle to force the victim to use it, in order to obtain information on visited URLs...
CVE-2016-1801, CVE-2016-5134, DSA-3637-1, HT206567, HT206568, openSUSE-SU-2016:1865-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:1868-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:1869-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:1918-1, RHSA-2016:1485-01, VIGILANCE-VUL-20329, VU#877625
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