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Computer vulnerabilities of Debian Wheezy

Linux kernel: NULL dereference via FireWire
An attacker can plug a malicious FireWire device, in order to stop the kernel or to execute privileged code...
BID-37339, CERTA-2002-AVI-252, CVE-2009-4138, DSA-2004-1, RHSA-2010:0046-01, RHSA-2010:0631-01, SUSE-SA:2010:001, SUSE-SA:2010:005, SUSE-SA:2010:012, VIGILANCE-VUL-9290, VMSA-2010-0009, VMSA-2010-0009.1
Linux kernel: denials of service via ext4
An attacker can create a malicious ext4 filesystem and then mount it in order to stop the kernel...
CERTA-2002-AVI-252, CVE-2009-4307, CVE-2009-4308, DSA-2004-1, DSA-2443-1, MDVSA-2010:188, MDVSA-2010:198, MDVSA-2011:029, RHSA-2010:0147-01, RHSA-2010:0178-02, RHSA-2010:0380-01, SUSE-SA:2010:001, SUSE-SA:2010:005, SUSE-SA:2010:012, VIGILANCE-VUL-9289, VMSA-2011-0003, VMSA-2011-0003.1, VMSA-2011-0003.2
PostgreSQL: two vulnerabilities
An attacker can use two vulnerabilities of PostgreSQL, in order to access to user's data...
274870, 6909139, 6909140, 6909142, BID-37333, BID-37334, c03333585, CERTA-2009-AVI-546, CVE-2009-4034, CVE-2009-4136, DSA-1964-1, FEDORA-2009-13363, FEDORA-2009-13381, HPSBMU02781, MDVSA-2009:333, RHSA-2010:0427-01, RHSA-2010:0428-01, RHSA-2010:0429-01, SSRT100617, SUSE-SR:2010:001, TLSA-2010-2, VIGILANCE-VUL-9285
Linux kernel: denial of service via ISDN
An attacker can send a short ISDN frame, in order to generate a denial of service...
BID-37036, CERTA-2002-AVI-252, CVE-2009-4005, DSA-2003-1, DSA-2004-1, MDVSA-2010:030, MDVSA-2010:034, MDVSA-2010:034-1, MDVSA-2010:034-2, RHSA-2010:0076-01, SUSE-SA:2009:061, SUSE-SA:2009:064, SUSE-SA:2010:001, SUSE-SA:2010:005, SUSE-SA:2010:013, VIGILANCE-VUL-9282
Linux kernel: memory corruption via HFS
An local attacker can create a specially crafted HFS filesystem in order to corrupt memory and possibly execute code...
540736, CERTA-2002-AVI-252, CVE-2009-4020, DSA-2003-1, DSA-2004-1, openSUSE-SU-2012:0781-1, openSUSE-SU-2012:0799-1, openSUSE-SU-2012:0812-1, openSUSE-SU-2012:1439-1, RHSA-2010:0046-01, RHSA-2010:0076-01, SUSE-SA:2010:005, SUSE-SA:2010:016, SUSE-SA:2010:019, SUSE-SA:2010:023, SUSE-SA:2010:036, SUSE-SU-2011:0928-1, SUSE-SU-2012:1056-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-9266, VMSA-2010-0009, VMSA-2010-0009.1
NTP: denial of service
A remote attacker can send a specially crafted NTP MODE_PRIVATE query in order to generate a denial of service...
025389-01, 1021781, 2009009932, 275590, 6902029, BID-37255, c01961950, c02737553, c03714526, CERTA-2010-AVI-002, CR131466, CVE-2009-3563, DSA-1948-1, FEDORA-2009-13046, FEDORA-2009-13090, FEDORA-2009-13121, FreeBSD-SA-10:02.ntpd, HPSBTU02496, HPSBUX02639, HPSBUX02859, IZ68659, IZ71047, IZ71071, IZ71093, IZ71608, IZ71610, IZ71611, IZ71613, IZ71614, MDVSA-2009:328, NetBSD-SA2010-005, PSN-2009-12-609, RHSA-2009:1648-01, RHSA-2009:1651-01, SOL10905, SSA:2009-343-01, SSRT090245, SSRT100293, SSRT101144, SUSE-SR:2009:020, VIGILANCE-VUL-9259, VMSA-2010-0004, VMSA-2010-0004.1, VMSA-2010-0004.2, VMSA-2010-0004.3, VMSA-2010-0009, VMSA-2010-0009.1
Linux kernel: denial of service of mac80211
An attacker can send malicious 802.11 packets, in order to stop the system...
CERTA-2010-AVI-080, CVE-2009-4026, CVE-2009-4027, DSA-1996-1, RHSA-2010:0178-02, RHSA-2010:0380-01, SUSE-SA:2010:001, VIGILANCE-VUL-9260
Linux kernel: denial of service via KVM
An attacker in a KVM guest system can use a long x86 instruction, in order to generate a denial of service...
BID-37130, CVE-2009-4031, DSA-1962-1, FEDORA-2009-13098, RHSA-2009:1659-01, RHSA-2009:1692-01, SUSE-SA:2010:018, VIGILANCE-VUL-9257
MySQL: several vulnerabilities
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of MySQL, in order to generate a denial of service, or to access to users' tables...
BID-37075, BID-37076, BID-37297, BID-38043, CERTA-2010-AVI-080, CERTA-2013-AVI-543, CVE-2008-7247, CVE-2009-4019, CVE-2009-4028, CVE-2009-4030, DSA-1997-1, FEDORA-2009-12180, FEDORA-2009-13466, FEDORA-2009-13504, FEDORA-2010-1300, FEDORA-2010-1348, MDVSA-2010:011, MDVSA-2010:012, MDVSA-2010:044, RHSA-2010:0109-01, RHSA-2010:0110-01, SUSE-SR:2010:007, SUSE-SR:2010:011, SUSE-SR:2010:021, VIGILANCE-VUL-9253
expat: denial of service via XML in big2_toUtf8
An attacker can create XML data containing a malicious character, in order to create a denial of service in expat...
273630, 2894085, 6905480, BID-37203, c02752210, CERTA-2009-AVI-533, CERTA-2010-AVI-510, CERTA-2012-AVI-046, CERTFR-2014-AVI-529, CVE-2009-3560, DSA-1953-1, DSA-1953-2, DSA-1977-1, FEDORA-2009-12690, FEDORA-2009-12716, FEDORA-2009-12737, HPSBUX02645, MDVSA-2009:316, MDVSA-2009:316-1, MDVSA-2009:316-2, MDVSA-2009:316-3, RHSA-2009:1625-01, RHSA-2011:0896-01, RHSA-2011:0897-01, SOL15905, SSA:2011-041-02, SSA:2011-041-03, SSRT100387, SUSE-SR:2009:020, SUSE-SR:2010:001, SUSE-SR:2010:005, SUSE-SR:2010:011, SUSE-SR:2010:012, SUSE-SR:2010:013, SUSE-SR:2010:014, SUSE-SR:2010:015, VIGILANCE-VUL-9251, VMSA-2010-0004, VMSA-2010-0004.1, VMSA-2010-0004.2, VMSA-2010-0004.3
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