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Computer vulnerabilities of HPE BSM

HP Business Service Management: code execution via WAR
A remote attacker can deploy a WAR application in HP Business Service Management, in order to execute code with system privileges...
BID-53556, c03377648, CVE-2012-2561, HPSBMU02792, SSRT100820, VIGILANCE-VUL-11634, VU#859230
HP BAC, BSM: Cross Site Scripting
An attacker can generate a Cross Site Scripting in HP Business Availability Center and HP Business Service Management...
BID-45944, c02678501, CERTA-2011-AVI-035, CVE-2011-0274, HPSBMA02622, SSRT100342, VIGILANCE-VUL-10289
JBoss Enterprise Application Platform: three vulnerabilities
An attacker can use three vulnerabilities of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform, in order to access to the console or to obtain sensitive information...
BID-39710, c03057508, c03127140, c03824583, CA20130213-01, CERTA-2013-AVI-440, CVE-2010-0738, CVE-2010-1428, CVE-2010-1429, HPSBMU02714, HPSBMU02736, HPSBMU02894, RHSA-2010:0376-01, RHSA-2010:0377-01, RHSA-2010:0378-01, RHSA-2010:0379-01, SSRT100244, SSRT100699, VIGILANCE-VUL-9613
Utilisation de la méthode TRACE en complément d'une attaque Cross Site Scripting
La méthode HTTP TRACE permet d'obtenir des compléments d'informations suite à une attaque de type Cross Site Scripting...
101176, 102016, 1201202, 200171, 200942, 5063481, 5090761, BEA04-48.00, BEA-048, BID-11604, BID-15222, BID-9506, BID-9561, c00612828, CVE-2004-2320, CVE-2005-3398, HP279, HPSBUX02101, KM03235847, SSRT051128, Sun Alert 50603, Sun Alert 57670, Sun Alert ID 50603, Sun Alert ID 57670, Sun BugID 4808654, Sun BugID 5063481, V6-XSSTRACING, VIGILANCE-VUL-3278, VU#867593
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