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Computer vulnerabilities of IBM Spectrum Protect

IBM DB2: buffer overflow
An attacker can trigger a buffer overflow of IBM DB2, in order to trigger a denial of service, and possibly to run code...
2875875, 6221294, CERTFR-2020-AVI-098, CVE-2020-4204, VIGILANCE-VUL-31628
IBM DB2: denial of service via JDBC Client
An attacker can trigger a fatal error via JDBC Client of IBM DB2, in order to trigger a denial of service...
2875251, 6221294, CERTFR-2020-AVI-098, CVE-2020-4200, VIGILANCE-VUL-31627
IBM DB2: privilege escalation via Stored Procedures Owner
An attacker can bypass restrictions via Stored Procedures Owner of IBM DB2, in order to escalate his privileges...
2878809, 6221294, CERTFR-2020-AVI-098, CVE-2020-4230, VIGILANCE-VUL-31625
IBM DB2: memory leak
An attacker can create a memory leak of IBM DB2, in order to trigger a denial of service...
2876307, 6221294, CERTFR-2020-AVI-098, CVE-2020-4135, VIGILANCE-VUL-31624
IBM SDK: executing DLL code
An attacker can create a malicious DLL, and then put it in the current directory of IBM SDK, in order to execute code...
1289194, 3260187, 5694963, 5695611, 5695629, 5695653, 5695851, 6173781, 6199287, 6199289, 6201679, 6210521, 6210522, CVE-2019-4732, SUSE-SU-2020:0466-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-31514
WebSphere AS: denial of service via Request Headers
An attacker can trigger a fatal error via Request Headers of WebSphere AS, in order to trigger a denial of service...
1107597, CVE-2019-4046, VIGILANCE-VUL-31200
IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client: denial of service via Client/Server Timing
An attacker can trigger a fatal error via Client/Server Timing of IBM Spectrum Protect Backup-Archive Client, in order to trigger a denial of service...
1107777, CVE-2019-4406, VIGILANCE-VUL-30984
IBM Spectrum Protect: read-write access via CIT Files Permissions
An attacker can bypass access restrictions via CIT Files Permissions of IBM Spectrum Protect, in order to read or alter data...
1107261, CVE-2018-2025, VIGILANCE-VUL-30951
IBM Spectrum Protect Plus: information disclosure via Restored Files Permissions
An attacker can bypass access restrictions to data via Restored Files Permissions of IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, in order to obtain sensitive information...
1105683, CVE-2019-4652, VIGILANCE-VUL-30858
Oracle Java: vulnerabilities of October 2019
Several vulnerabilities were announced in Oracle products...
1126887, 1288366, 3013353, 3260187, 3511029, 4790613, 5695563, 5695611, 5695629, 5695653, 5695665, 5695851, 6116194, 6210349, 6221706, 6248711, 6250817, CERTFR-2019-AVI-508, cpuoct2019, CVE-2019-2933, CVE-2019-2945, CVE-2019-2949, CVE-2019-2958, CVE-2019-2962, CVE-2019-2964, CVE-2019-2973, CVE-2019-2975, CVE-2019-2977, CVE-2019-2978, CVE-2019-2981, CVE-2019-2983, CVE-2019-2987, CVE-2019-2988, CVE-2019-2989, CVE-2019-2992, CVE-2019-2996, CVE-2019-2999, DLA-2023-1, DSA-2019-168, DSA-2019-169, DSA-2019-186, DSA-2019-201, DSA-2020-003, DSA-2020-105, DSA-4546-1, DSA-4548-1, FEDORA-2019-119312dbfc, FEDORA-2019-4bafcdb85f, FEDORA-2019-a87aba290f, FEDORA-2019-ba59b4b9f1, FEDORA-2019-c170ad0c6b, FEDORA-2019-d03db48dca, FEDORA-2019-d81be00640, FEDORA-2019-e8695f5e6c, FEDORA-2019-e87dd3ca51, FEDORA-2019-f36ac0db92, FG-VD-19-091, NTAP-20191017-0001, openSUSE-SU-2019:2557-1, openSUSE-SU-2019:2565-1, openSUSE-SU-2019:2687-1, RHSA-2019:3127-01, RHSA-2019:3128-01, RHSA-2019:3134-01, RHSA-2019:3135-01, RHSA-2019:3136-01, RHSA-2019:3157-01, RHSA-2019:3158-01, RHSA-2019:4109-01, RHSA-2019:4110-01, RHSA-2019:4113-01, RHSA-2019:4115-01, RHSA-2020:0046-01, RHSA-2020:2237-01, RHSA-2020:2239-01, RHSA-2020:2241-01, SB10315, SUSE-SU-2019:2998-1, SUSE-SU-2019:3083-1, SUSE-SU-2019:3084-1, SUSE-SU-2019:3238-1, SUSE-SU-2020:0001-1, SUSE-SU-2020:0024-1, SUSE-SU-2020:0051-1, SUSE-SU-2020:14263-1, SUSE-SU-2020:14265-1, SUSE-SU-2020:1684-1, SUSE-SU-2020:1685-1, USN-4223-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-30635
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