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Computer vulnerabilities of Junos Space Network Activate

Openssl : multiples vulnérabilités de ASN.1
Plusieurs vulnérabilités concernant la gestion de l'encodage ASN.1 de OpenSSL ont été découvertes...
006489, 20030904-02-P, BID-10094, BID-8732, CA-2003-26, CERTA-2003-AVI-156, CERTA-2004-AVI-200, CERTFR-2017-AVI-012, CIAC N-159, CISCO20030930a, CVE-2003-0543, CVE-2003-0544, CVE-2003-0545, CVE-2005-1730, DSA-393, DSA-393-1, DSA-394, DSA-394-1, FreeBSD-SA-03:18, HP284, HP286, HP288, HP290, JSA10770, MDKSA-2003:098, N-159, NetBSD 2003-017, NetBSD-SA2003-017, Novell TID 2003-2967586, OpenBSD 32-020, OpenBSD 33-007, OpenBSD 34-002, ORACLE062, RHSA-2003:291, RHSA-2003:292, RHSA-2003:293, Security Alert 62, SGI 20030904, Slackware 20030930a, SSA:2003-273-01, SUSE-SA:2003:043, TID10087450, TID 2967586, TID2967743, TLSA-2003-55, V6-UNIXOPENSSLASN1MULVUL, VIGILANCE-VUL-3786, VU#104280, VU#255484, VU#380864, VU#686224, VU#732952, VU#935264
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