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Computer vulnerabilities of MicroFocus LoadRunner

HP LoadRunner: multiple vulnerabilities
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of HP LoadRunner...
BID-61436, BID-61437, BID-61441, BID-61442, BID-61443, BID-61444, BID-61445, BID-61446, c03862772, CERTA-2013-AVI-441, CVE-2013-2368, CVE-2013-2369, CVE-2013-2370, CVE-2013-4797, CVE-2013-4798, CVE-2013-4799, CVE-2013-4800, CVE-2013-4801, HPSBGN02905, SSRT101074, SSRT101081, SSRT101082, SSRT101083, SSRT101084, SSRT101085, SSRT101114, SSRT101117, VIGILANCE-VUL-13164, ZDI-13-169, ZDI-13-182, ZDI-13-202, ZDI-13-203, ZDI-13-206, ZDI-13-207, ZDI-13-208, ZDI-13-209, ZDI-CAN-1669, ZDI-CAN-1670, ZDI-CAN-1671, ZDI-CAN-1690, ZDI-CAN-1705, ZDI-CAN-1734, ZDI-CAN-1735, ZDI-CAN-1736
HP Diagnostics Server, LoadRunner: buffer overflow via magentservice.exe
An unauthenticated attacker can send a malicious packet to HP Diagnostics Server or LoadRunner, in order to generate a buffer overflow, leading to a denial of service or to code execution...
BID-51398, c03216705, CVE-2011-4789, HPSBMU02785, SSRT100526, VIGILANCE-VUL-11281, ZDI-12-016
HP LoadRunner: buffer overflow via Virtual User
An attacker can create a malicious Virtual User file, in order to create a buffer overflow in HP LoadRunner, and to execute code...
BID-48073, c03216705, CVE-2011-2328, HPSBMU02785, SSRT100526, VIGILANCE-VUL-10721, VU#987308
HP LoadRunner, Performance Center: code execution
An attacker can generate a buffer overflow in the magentproc.exe process, in order to execute code with SYSTEM privileges...
BID-45792, c02680678, CERTA-2011-AVI-019, CVE-2011-0272, HPSBMA02624, SSRT100195, VIGILANCE-VUL-10296, ZDI-11-015
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