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Computer vulnerabilities of NSA SELinux

PAM, SELinux: brute force attack with unix_chkpwd
A local attacker can use unix_chkpwd to conduct a brute force attack on user passwords...
168180, BID-15217, CVE-2005-2977, FEDORA-2005-1030, FEDORA-2005-1031, RHSA-2005:805, RHSA-2005:805-01, VIGILANCE-VUL-5311
Noyau Linux : déni de service par unix_dgram_sendmsg
Un attaquant local peut utiliser des sockets AF_UNIX pour stopper le système...
BID-11939, CVE-2004-1069, MDKSA-2005:022, V6-LINUXAFUNIXDOS, VIGILANCE-VUL-4597
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