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Computer vulnerabilities of Nortel Networks Enterprise Switch Manager

Cisco, Juniper, Microsoft, Nortel, Stonesoft: vulnerability of SSL VPN
A weakness in the conception of some Clientless SSL VPN products can be used by an attacker in order to obtain information from other web sites visited by the victim...
025367-01, 19500, 2009009920, 984744, BID-37152, CVE-2009-2631, KB15799, PSN-2009-11-580, VIGILANCE-VUL-9265, VU#261869
NTP: denial of service
A remote attacker can send a specially crafted NTP MODE_PRIVATE query in order to generate a denial of service...
025389-01, 1021781, 2009009932, 275590, 6902029, BID-37255, c01961950, c02737553, c03714526, CERTA-2010-AVI-002, CR131466, CVE-2009-3563, DSA-1948-1, FEDORA-2009-13046, FEDORA-2009-13090, FEDORA-2009-13121, FreeBSD-SA-10:02.ntpd, HPSBTU02496, HPSBUX02639, HPSBUX02859, IZ68659, IZ71047, IZ71071, IZ71093, IZ71608, IZ71610, IZ71611, IZ71613, IZ71614, MDVSA-2009:328, NetBSD-SA2010-005, PSN-2009-12-609, RHSA-2009:1648-01, RHSA-2009:1651-01, SOL10905, SSA:2009-343-01, SSRT090245, SSRT100293, SSRT101144, SUSE-SR:2009:020, VIGILANCE-VUL-9259, VMSA-2010-0004, VMSA-2010-0004.1, VMSA-2010-0004.2, VMSA-2010-0004.3, VMSA-2010-0009, VMSA-2010-0009.1
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