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Computer vulnerabilities of Oracle Berkeley DB

Berkeley DB: privilege escalation via a DB_CONFIG file
An attacker can bypass restrictions via DB_CONFIG of Berkeley DB, in order to escalate his privileges...
CVE-2017-10140, DLA-1135-1, DLA-1136-1, DLA-1137-1, FEDORA-2017-014d67fa9d, FEDORA-2017-372bb1edb3, USN-3489-1, USN-3489-2, VIGILANCE-VUL-22972
Oracle Berkeley DB: vulnerabilities of April 2017
Several vulnerabilities were announced in Oracle Berkeley DB...
cpuapr2017, CVE-2017-3604, CVE-2017-3605, CVE-2017-3606, CVE-2017-3607, CVE-2017-3608, CVE-2017-3609, CVE-2017-3610, CVE-2017-3611, CVE-2017-3612, CVE-2017-3613, CVE-2017-3614, CVE-2017-3615, CVE-2017-3616, CVE-2017-3617, VIGILANCE-VUL-22490
Oracle Berkeley DB: five vulnerabilities of April 2016
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of Oracle Berkeley DB...
cpuapr2016, CVE-2016-0682, CVE-2016-0689, CVE-2016-0692, CVE-2016-0694, CVE-2016-3418, VIGILANCE-VUL-19419
Oracle Berkeley DB: several vulnerabilities of July 2015
Several vulnerabilities of Oracle Berkeley DB were announced in July 2015...
CERTFR-2015-AVI-307, cpujul2015, CVE-2015-2583, CVE-2015-2624, CVE-2015-2626, CVE-2015-2640, CVE-2015-2654, CVE-2015-2656, CVE-2015-4754, CVE-2015-4764, CVE-2015-4774, CVE-2015-4775, CVE-2015-4776, CVE-2015-4777, CVE-2015-4778, CVE-2015-4779, CVE-2015-4780, CVE-2015-4781, CVE-2015-4782, CVE-2015-4783, CVE-2015-4784, CVE-2015-4785, CVE-2015-4786, CVE-2015-4787, CVE-2015-4788, CVE-2015-4789, CVE-2015-4790, VIGILANCE-VUL-17376
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