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Computer vulnerabilities of SAP Crystal Reports

SAP: multiple vulnerabilities of May 2015
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of SAP...
CVE-2015-2278, CVE-2015-2282, CVE-2015-3994, CVE-2015-3995, CVE-2015-4091, CVE-2015-4092, CVE-2015-4157, CVE-2015-4158, CVE-2015-4159, CVE-2015-4160, CVE-2015-4161, CVE-2016-3946, DOC-8218, ONAPSIS-2015-006, ONAPSIS-2015-007, ONAPSIS-2016-001, VIGILANCE-VUL-16877
SAP: multiple vulnerabilities of April 2015
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of SAP...
CVE-2015-3978, CVE-2015-3979, CVE-2015-3980, CVE-2015-3981, DOC-8218, VIGILANCE-VUL-16593
SAP: multiple vulnerabilities
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of SAP...
CVE-2014-8659, CVE-2014-8660, CVE-2014-8661, CVE-2014-8662, CVE-2014-8663, CVE-2014-8664, CVE-2014-8665, CVE-2014-8666, CVE-2014-8667, CVE-2014-8668, CVE-2014-8669, DOC-8218, VIGILANCE-VUL-15471
SAP Crystal Reports: two vulnerabilities of RPT
An attacker can invite the victim to open a malicious RPT file with SAP Crystal Reports, in order to trigger a denial of service, and possibly to execute code...
1999142, CVE-2014-5505, CVE-2014-5506, DOC-8218, VIGILANCE-VUL-15161, ZDI-14-301, ZDI-14-302
SAP: Cross Site Scripting
An attacker can trigger a Cross Site Scripting of SAP, in order to execute JavaScript code in the context of the web site...
1979438, DOC-8218, VIGILANCE-VUL-14732
SAP Software Lifeclycle Manager: information disclosure
An attacker can use SAP Software Lifeclycle Manager, in order to obtain sensitive information...
1894049, CVE-2014-3129, DOC-8218, ONAPSIS-2014-005, VIGILANCE-VUL-14067
SAP Print and Output: privilege escalation
An attacker can access to a user of SAP Print and Output, in order to escalate his privileges or to obtain sensitive information...
1911523, CVE-2014-2751, DOC-8218, ONAPSIS-2014-004, VIGILANCE-VUL-13915
SAP: multiple vulnerabilities for February 2014
An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of SAP...
1716640, 1769611, 1771706, 1777988, 1781171, 1833327, 1911319, 1913388, 1915908, 1942332, VIGILANCE-VUL-14262
SAP: code execution via CTC
An attacker can use the CTC servlet of SAP, in order to execute code...
1963100, VIGILANCE-VUL-14260
SAP: vulnerability 1789611
An unknown vulnerability was announced in SAP products...
1789611, CVE-2013-7359, DOC-8218, ONAPSIS-2013-009, VIGILANCE-VUL-12507
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