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Computer vulnerabilities of Tivoli Storage Manager

TLS, DTLS: information disclosure in CBC mode, Lucky 13
An attacker can inject wrongly encrypted messages in a TLS/DTLS session in mode CBC, and measure the delay before the error message reception, in order to progressively guess the clear content of the session...
1639354, 1643316, 1672363, BID-57736, BID-57774, BID-57776, BID-57777, BID-57778, BID-57780, BID-57781, c03710522, c03883001, CERTA-2013-AVI-099, CERTA-2013-AVI-109, CERTA-2013-AVI-339, CERTA-2013-AVI-454, CERTA-2013-AVI-543, CERTA-2013-AVI-657, CERTFR-2014-AVI-112, CERTFR-2014-AVI-244, CERTFR-2014-AVI-286, CERTFR-2019-AVI-311, CERTFR-2019-AVI-325, CVE-2013-0169, CVE-2013-1619, CVE-2013-1620, CVE-2013-1621, CVE-2013-1622-REJECT, CVE-2013-1623, CVE-2013-1624, DLA-1518-1, DSA-2621-1, DSA-2622-1, ESX400-201310001, ESX400-201310401-SG, ESX400-201310402-SG, ESX410-201307001, ESX410-201307401-SG, ESX410-201307403-SG, ESX410-201307404-SG, ESX410-201307405-SG, ESX410-201312001, ESX410-201312401-SG, ESX410-201312403-SG, ESXi410-201307001, ESXi410-201307401-SG, ESXi510-201401101-SG, FEDORA-2013-2110, FEDORA-2013-2128, FEDORA-2013-2764, FEDORA-2013-2793, FEDORA-2013-2813, FEDORA-2013-2834, FEDORA-2013-2892, FEDORA-2013-2929, FEDORA-2013-2984, FEDORA-2013-3079, FEDORA-2013-4403, FreeBSD-SA-13:03.openssl, GNUTLS-SA-2013-1, HPSBUX02856, HPSBUX02909, IC90385, IC90395, IC90396, IC90397, IC90660, IC93077, JSA10575, JSA10580, JSA10759, JSA10939, JSA11023, Lucky 13, MDVSA-2013:014, MDVSA-2013:018, MDVSA-2013:019, MDVSA-2013:040, MDVSA-2013:050, MDVSA-2013:052, openSUSE-SU-2013:0336-1, openSUSE-SU-2013:0337-1, openSUSE-SU-2013:0339-1, openSUSE-SU-2013:0807-1, openSUSE-SU-2016:0640-1, RHSA-2013:0273-01, RHSA-2013:0274-01, RHSA-2013:0275-01, RHSA-2013:0531-01, RHSA-2013:0532-01, RHSA-2013:0587-01, RHSA-2013:0588-01, RHSA-2013:0636-01, RHSA-2013:0782-01, RHSA-2013:0783-01, RHSA-2013:0833-01, RHSA-2013:0834-02, RHSA-2013:0839-02, RHSA-2013:1135-01, RHSA-2013:1144-01, RHSA-2013:1181-01, RHSA-2013:1455-01, RHSA-2013:1456-01, RHSA-2014:0371-01, RHSA-2014:0372-01, RHSA-2014:0896-01, RHSA-2015:1009, SOL14190, SOL15630, SSA:2013-040-01, SSA:2013-042-01, SSA:2013-242-01, SSA:2013-242-03, SSA:2013-287-03, SSA-556833, SSRT101104, SSRT101289, SUSE-SU-2013:0328-1, SUSE-SU-2014:0320-1, SUSE-SU-2014:0322-1, swg21633669, swg21638270, swg21639354, swg21640169, VIGILANCE-VUL-12374, VMSA-2013-0006.1, VMSA-2013-0007.1, VMSA-2013-0009, VMSA-2013-0009.1, VMSA-2013-0009.2, VMSA-2013-0009.3, VMSA-2013-0015
IBM TSM: file access via Client Web GUI
An attacker can use a vulnerability of IBM TSM Client Web GUI, in order to access to server files...
BID-57738, CERTA-2013-AVI-095, CVE-2013-0472, IC87210, swg21624118, VIGILANCE-VUL-12367
IBM TSM: denial of service of Client Scheduler
When IBM TSM Client Scheduler is configured in mode "SCHEDMODE=PROMPTED", a remote attacker can disable it...
BID-57737, CERTA-2013-AVI-095, CVE-2013-0471, IC87331, swg21575735, swg21624135, VIGILANCE-VUL-12366
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager : accès illicite aux fichiers
An attacker can use two vulnerabilities of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management, in order to access to unauthorized files...
BID-56985, CERTA-2012-AVI-751, CVE-2012-4859, CVE-2012-5954, swg21615292, VIGILANCE-VUL-12245
IBM GSKit: denial of service via Handshake
An attacker can inject a malicious packet during the Handshake of a TLS session, in order to stop applications linked to IBM GSKit...
1450666, 1672360, BID-54743, CERTA-2012-AVI-552, CERTA-2013-AVI-159, CVE-2012-2190, IC90385, IC90395, IC90396, IC90397, swg21609030, swg21620711, swg21626749, swg27014463.html, swg27022958, VIGILANCE-VUL-12038
IBM GSKit: denial of service via CBC/AEAD
An attacker can inject a malicious packet in a TLS session, in order to stop applications linked to IBM GSKit...
1450666, 1672362, BID-54743, CERTA-2012-AVI-552, CERTA-2013-AVI-159, CVE-2012-2191, IC87061, IC90385, IC90395, IC90396, IC90397, swg21609029, swg21614483, swg21626749, swg27014224, swg27014463.html, swg27022958, VIGILANCE-VUL-12037
IBM Tivoli Storage Manager: three vulnerabilities of the client
A local attacker can use three vulnerabilities of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager client, in order to alter a file or to create a denial of service...
21457604, BID-48519, CVE-2011-1222, CVE-2011-1223, IC74905, IC77049, IC77052, VIGILANCE-VUL-10804
Java JRE: denial of service via a real
An attacker can use a special double floating point number, in order to create an infinite loop in Java programs...
1468291, BID-46091, c02729756, c02738573, c02746026, c02752210, c02775276, c02826781, c02906075, c03090723, c03316985, CERTA-2002-AVI-271, CERTA-2012-AVI-286, cpuapr2011, CVE-2010-4476, DSA-2161-1, DSA-2161-2, FEDORA-2011-1231, FEDORA-2011-1263, HPSBMU02690, HPSBTU02684, HPSBUX02633, HPSBUX02641, HPSBUX02642, HPSBUX02645, HPSBUX02685, HPSBUX02725, HPSBUX02777, IZ94331, javacpufeb2011, MDVSA-2011:054, openSUSE-SU-2011:0126-1, PM32175, PM32177, PM32184, PM32192, PM32194, RHSA-2011:0210-01, RHSA-2011:0211-01, RHSA-2011:0212-01, RHSA-2011:0213-01, RHSA-2011:0214-01, RHSA-2011:0282-01, RHSA-2011:0290-01, RHSA-2011:0291-01, RHSA-2011:0292-01, RHSA-2011:0299-01, RHSA-2011:0333-01, RHSA-2011:0334-01, RHSA-2011:0336-01, RHSA-2011:0348-01, RHSA-2011:0349-01, RHSA-2011:0880-01, SSRT100387, SSRT100390, SSRT100412, SSRT100415, SSRT100505, SSRT100569, SSRT100627, SSRT100854, SUSE-SA:2011:010, SUSE-SA:2011:014, SUSE-SR:2011:008, SUSE-SU-2011:0823-1, swg21469266, swg24030066, swg24030067, VIGILANCE-VUL-10321
IBM TSM Client: three vulnerabilities
A local or remote attacker can use three vulnerabilities of the Unix/Linux IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client, in order to read, alter or delete files...
BID-45401, CVE-2010-4605, CVE-2010-4606, IC65491, IC66686, IC69150, VIGILANCE-VUL-10220
IBM TSM: several vulnerabilities of FastBack
A remote attacker can use several vulnerabilities of IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Fastback, in order to create a denial of service or to execute code...
1443820, CVE-2010-3754, CVE-2010-3755, CVE-2010-3756, CVE-2010-3757, CVE-2010-3758, CVE-2010-3759, CVE-2010-3760, VIGILANCE-VUL-9988, ZDI-10-179, ZDI-10-180, ZDI-10-181, ZDI-10-182, ZDI-10-183, ZDI-10-184, ZDI-10-185, ZDI-10-186, ZDI-10-187, ZDI-10-188, ZDI-10-200
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