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Computer vulnerabilities of TrendMicro Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security: privilege escalation via ioctl
An attacker can use an ioctl call to Trend Micro Internet Security, in order to write to the kernel memory or trigger a denial of service...
1117509, VIGILANCE-VUL-22992, ZDI-17-395, ZDI-17-396
Antivirus: privilege escalation via Microsoft Application Verifier
An attacker can bypass restrictions via Microsoft Application Verifier of Antivirus, in order to escalate his privileges...
1116957, CVE-2017-5565, CVE-2017-5566, CVE-2017-5567, CVE-2017-6186, CVE-2017-6417, VIGILANCE-VUL-22211
Trend Micro Internet Security: NULL pointer dereference via tmnciesc
An attacker can force a NULL pointer to be dereferenced via tmnciesc of Trend Micro Internet Security, in order to trigger a denial of service...
1115282, 2016-0125, VIGILANCE-VUL-20800, ZDI-16-529, ZDI-16-530
Trend Micro AntiVirus: privilege escalation via tmeext.sys
An attacker can call an ioctl of tmeext.sys installed by Trend Micro, in order to escalate his privileges...
1106233, CVE-2014-9641, VIGILANCE-VUL-16127
Trend Micro Internet Security: code execution via extSetOwner
An attacker can invite the victim to browse a web page containing the UfPBCtrl.dll ActiveX of Trend Micro Internet Security, in order to execute code on his computer...
CVE-2010-3189, VIGILANCE-VUL-10001, ZDI-10-165
Trend Micro: bypassing via RAR, CAB and ZIP
An attacker can create a RAR, CAB or ZIP archive containing a virus which is not detected by Trend Micro...
BID-34763, TZO-17-2009, VIGILANCE-VUL-8683
Trend Micro IS: privilege elevation via tmactmon.sys
A local attacker can use METHOD_NEITHER to elevate his privileges via Trend Micro Internet Security...
CVE-2009-0686, Positive Technologies SA 2009-09, PT-2009-09, VIGILANCE-VUL-8578
Trend Micro IS: vulnerabilities of TmPfw.exe
An attacker can use two vulnerabilities of the firewall service of Trend Micro Internet Security in order to create a denial of service or to execute code...
BID-33358, CERTA-2009-AVI-026, CVE-2008-3864, CVE-2008-3865, VIGILANCE-VUL-8405
Trend Micro AntiVirus scan engine: buffer overflow in Tmxpflt.sys
A local attacker can run code on the system by exploiting a buffer overflow of Trend Micro AntiVirus scan engine...
1036190, CERTA-2007-AVI-456, CVE-2007-4277, VIGILANCE-VUL-7285
Trend Micro PC-cillin: buffer overflow of VST
A local attacker can exploit an overflow in Trend Micro PC-cillin in order to execute code with system privileges...
B1028, BID-25392, CVE-2007-3873, EN-1035845, VIGILANCE-VUL-7114
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