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Computer vulnerabilities of WDS

computer vulnerability announce CVE-2008-4268 CVE-2008-4269

Windows Search: code execution

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can use two vulnerabilities of the Windows Search feature in order to execute code on victim's computer.
Impacted products: Windows 2008 R0, Windows Desktop Search, Windows Search, Windows Vista.
Severity: 3/4.
Consequences: user access/rights.
Provenance: document.
Number of vulnerabilities in this bulletin: 2.
Creation date: 10/12/2008.
Identifiers: 959349, BID-32651, BID-32652, CERTA-2008-AVI-589, CVE-2008-4268, CVE-2008-4269, MS08-075, VIGILANCE-VUL-8307, VU#468227.

Description of the vulnerability

The Saved Search feature creates files with the ".search-ms" extension. It has two vulnerabilities. The attacker can invite the victim to open and save a malicious search-ms file in order to exploit two vulnerabilities of Saved Search.

When saving Windows Search files, the memory is not correctly freed, which forces a restart and leads to code execution. [severity:3/4; BID-32651, CERTA-2008-AVI-589, CVE-2008-4268, VU#468227]

Windows Explorer does not correctly interpret parameters when the search-ms protocol is parsed, which leads to code execution. [severity:3/4; BID-32652, CVE-2008-4269]
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