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vulnerability bulletin CVE-2017-0879 CVE-2017-11016 CVE-2017-11019

Android Pixel/Nexus: multiple vulnerabilities of December 2017

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of Android Pixel/Nexus.
Impacted products: Android OS.
Severity: 3/4.
Creation date: 06/12/2017.
Identifiers: CERTFR-2017-AVI-449, CVE-2017-0879, CVE-2017-11016, CVE-2017-11019, CVE-2017-11030, CVE-2017-11031, CVE-2017-11033, CVE-2017-11042, CVE-2017-11044, CVE-2017-11045, CVE-2017-11047, CVE-2017-11049, CVE-2017-13149, CVE-2017-13150, CVE-2017-13152, CVE-2017-13154, CVE-2017-13161, CVE-2017-13163, CVE-2017-13164, CVE-2017-13165, CVE-2017-13167, CVE-2017-13169, CVE-2017-13172, CVE-2017-13175, CVE-2017-14896, CVE-2017-14898, CVE-2017-14899, CVE-2017-14900, CVE-2017-14901, CVE-2017-14903, CVE-2017-14905, CVE-2017-14907, CVE-2017-15813, CVE-2017-15868, CVE-2017-6280, CVE-2017-8244, CVE-2017-9698, CVE-2017-9700, CVE-2017-9703, CVE-2017-9708, CVE-2017-9709, CVE-2017-9710, CVE-2017-9718, CVE-2017-9722, VIGILANCE-VUL-24663.

Description of the vulnerability

An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of Android Pixel/Nexus.

A detailed analysis was not performed for this bulletin.
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