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vulnerability 19870

Android Security & Power Booster - free: two vulnerabilities

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of Android Security & Power Booster - free.
Impacted software: Android Applications ~ not comprehensive.
Severity of this computer vulnerability: 2/4.
Consequences of a hack: user access/rights, denial of service on service.
Attacker's origin: document.
Number of vulnerabilities in this bulletin: 2.
Creation date: 10/06/2016.
Références of this announce: VIGILANCE-VUL-19870.

Description of the vulnerability

Several vulnerabilities were announced in Android Security & Power Booster - free.

An attacker can force a NULL pointer to be dereferenced in the baidu module, in order to trigger a denial of service. [severity:2/4]

An attacker can trigger a Cross Site Scripting, in order to run JavaScript code in the context of the web site. [severity:2/4]
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