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vulnerability alert CVE-2017-5647

Apache Tomcat: information disclosure via response exchanges

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can send a burst of HTTP 1.1 request to Apache Tomcat, in order to get sensitive information.
Impacted products: Tomcat, Blue Coat CAS, Debian, Fedora, MariaDB ~ precise, ePO, MySQL Community, MySQL Enterprise, Snap Creator Framework, openSUSE Leap, Solaris, Percona Server, XtraDB Cluster, RHEL, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, SLES, Symantec Content Analysis, Ubuntu.
Severity: 3/4.
Creation date: 11/04/2017.
Identifiers: bulletinapr2017, cpujul2017, CVE-2017-5647, DLA-924-1, DLA-924-2, DSA-3842-1, DSA-3843-1, FEDORA-2017-5261ba4605, FEDORA-2017-d5aa7c77d6, NTAP-20180605-0001, NTAP-20180607-0001, NTAP-20180607-0002, NTAP-20180614-0001, openSUSE-SU-2017:1292-1, RHSA-2017:1801-01, RHSA-2017:1802-01, RHSA-2017:2493-01, RHSA-2017:2494-01, RHSA-2017:3080-01, RHSA-2017:3081-01, SA156, SB10199, SUSE-SU-2017:1229-1, SUSE-SU-2017:1382-1, SUSE-SU-2017:1632-1, SUSE-SU-2017:1660-1, USN-3519-1, VIGILANCE-VUL-22391.

Description of the vulnerability

The Apache Tomcat product includes an HTTP server.

In HTTP 1.1, the client may send several requests without waiting for the response to the first request. However, in some cases, the server mismatches the response body and the request, in such a way that a client may receive the response for another request. This vulnerability looks like the one described in VIGILANCE-VUL-21355.

An attacker can therefore send a burst of HTTP 1.1 request to Apache Tomcat, in order to get sensitive information.
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