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weakness alert 7775

Business Object: Cross Site Scripting

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can create a Cross Site Scripting with the cms variable of Business Object Infoview XI R2.
Severity of this alert: 2/4.
Creation date: 17/04/2008.
Références of this alert: VIGILANCE-VUL-7775.
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Description of the vulnerability

The Java version of Business Object Infoview XI R2 has a vulnerable authentication form.

Indeed, the cms variable is not filtered before being displayed.

An attacker can therefore generate a Cross Site Scripting in order for example to execute Javascript code in the context of the victim.
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This computer vulnerability note impacts software or systems such as Business Objects.

Our Vigil@nce team determined that the severity of this computer vulnerability announce is medium.

The trust level is of type unique source, with an origin of document.

A proof of concept or an attack tool is available, so your teams have to process this alert. An attacker with a specialist ability can exploit this cybersecurity announce.

Solutions for this threat

Business Object: FixPack 3.5.
The Service Pack 3 - FixPack 3.5 is available:
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