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computer vulnerability announce CVE-2006-0024

Flash Player: code execution

Synthesis of the vulnerability

Several vulnerabilities of Macromedia Flash Player permit a remote attacker to execute code on user's computer.
Impacted systems: Flash Player, IE, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, Firefox, Mozilla Suite, NLD, openSUSE, RHEL, TurboLinux.
Severity of this alert: 3/4.
Consequences of an intrusion: user access/rights.
Pirate's origin: document.
Creation date: 15/03/2006.
Références of this alert: 913433, 916208, APSB06-03, BID-17106, CERTA-2006-AVI-114, CVE-2006-0024, MS06-020, RHSA-2006:026, RHSA-2006:0268-01, SUSE-SA:2006:015, SUSE-SR:2006:006, TLSA-2006-7, VIGILANCE-VUL-5687, VU#945060.

Description of the vulnerability

The Macromedia Flash Player plug-in adds dynamic features to web documents.

Adobe announced several vulnerabilities in Macromedia Flash Player. Their technical details are unknown.

These vulnerabilities permit a remote attacker to run code on user's computer.
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