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computer vulnerability note CVE-2013-0309

Linux kernel: denial of service via pmd_present

Synthesis of the vulnerability

A local attacker can use Transparent Huge Pages, in order to stop the system.
Impacted products: Linux, openSUSE, RHEL.
Severity: 1/4.
Creation date: 20/02/2013.
Identifiers: BID-58046, CVE-2013-0309, openSUSE-SU-2013:0396-1, RHSA-2013:0496-02, VIGILANCE-VUL-12439.

Description of the vulnerability

A THP (Transparent Huge Page) allows the usage of a large memory area.

However, when a THP is protected (mprotect) with PROT_NONE, the pmd_present() function of the arch/x86/include/asm/pgtable.h file uses invalid flags, which leads to a call of the BUG_ON() macro.

A local attacker can therefore use Transparent Huge Pages, in order to stop the system.
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