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computer vulnerability bulletin CVE-2011-4194

Novell Open Enterprise Server: buffer overflow via iPrint

Synthesis of the vulnerability

A remote attacker can generate a buffer overflow in Novell iPrint Server, in order to execute code.
Impacted software: OES.
Severity of this computer vulnerability: 3/4.
Consequences of a hack: user access/rights.
Attacker's origin: intranet client.
Creation date: 02/02/2012.
Références of this announce: 7010084, BID-51791, CVE-2011-4194, VIGILANCE-VUL-11338, ZDI-12-031.

Description of the vulnerability

The IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) protocol is used to remotely manage printers.

The IPP Print-Job and Create-Job operations print a file, or create a print job. A Print-Job or Create-Job query can have attributes:
 - attributes-charset
 - attributes-natural-language
 - printer-uri
 - etc.

However, if an IPP query uses a long "attributes-natural-language" attribute, an overflow occurs in Novell iPrint Server.

A remote attacker can therefore generate a buffer overflow in Novell iPrint Server, in order to execute code.
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