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computer vulnerability announce CVE-2006-2766

Outlook Express: buffer overflow of a MHTML uri

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can create a document with a long MHTML uri in order to execute code on user's computer.
Vulnerable software: OE.
Severity of this announce: 4/4.
Consequences of an intrusion: user access/rights.
Attacker's origin: document.
Creation date: 09/08/2006.
Références of this computer vulnerability: 920214, BID-18198, CERTA-2006-AVI-341, CVE-2006-2766, MS06-043, VIGILANCE-VUL-6067, VU#891204.

Description of the vulnerability

The extensions of MHTML type (MIME HTML) are installed with Outlook Express, and then become available to other softwares such as Internet Explorer.

However, size of uri like "mhtml://mid:" is not checked. An attacker can thus generate an overflow.

This vulnerability therefore permits an attacker to execute code with rights of users accepting to click on a link.
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