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computer vulnerability announce CVE-2007-2417

RSA ACE/Server, SecurID: buffer overflow of Progress Server

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can generate a buffer overflow on Progress Server in order to execute code on system.
Impacted products: ACE Server, RSA Authentication Agent, SecurID.
Severity: 3/4.
Creation date: 13/07/2007.
Identifiers: CVE-2007-2417, TPTI-07-12, VIGILANCE-VUL-7007.

Description of the vulnerability

The Progress Server, of Progress Software company, listens on 5520/tcp and 5530/tcp ports. The RSA Authentication Manager, RSA ACE/Server 5.2 and RSA SecurID Appliance products use this software.

The _mprosrv.exe process (Progress Server) stores received data in a 1012 bytes array without checking its size. An attacker can therefore create an overflow.

A non authenticated attacker can thus execute code with system privileges.
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