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vulnerability announce 8852

Retina Network Security Scanner: buffer overflow of RWS

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can invite the victim to open a malicious RWS file with Retina Wireless Scanner in order to execute code.
Vulnerable systems: Retina.
Severity of this threat: 1/4.
Consequences of an attack: user access/rights.
Pirate's origin: document.
Creation date: 10/07/2009.
Références of this weakness: AD20090710, BID-35624, VIGILANCE-VUL-8852.

Description of the vulnerability

The Retina Wireless Scanner module, provided with Retina Network Security Scanner, detects WiFi networks. The list of detected devices can be saved in a file with the RWS extension.

A RWS file in version 1.0 starts with the "RWS010" pattern, followed by the list of detected networks.

When the device list is too long, opening the file creates a buffer overflow in Retina Wireless Scanner.

An attacker can therefore invite the victim to open a malicious RWS file in order to execute code on his computer.
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