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vulnerability note CVE-2006-3439

Windows: buffer overflow of server service via RPC

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can send a malicious RPC message in order to execute code on system.
Impacted software: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows NT, Windows XP.
Severity of this computer vulnerability: 3/4.
Consequences of an attack: administrator access/rights.
Attacker's origin: intranet client.
Creation date: 09/08/2006.
Revisions dates: 10/08/2006, 28/08/2006, 01/09/2006, 13/09/2006.
Références of this announce: 232, 70997, 921883, BID-19409, CERTA-2006-AVI-338, CVE-2006-3439, MS06-040, VIGILANCE-VUL-6064, VU#650769.

Description of the vulnerability

The server service provides the RPC feature (Remote Procedure Call), which is available via SMB/CIFS.

An attacker can create a RPC message leading to an overflow in the server service.

This vulnerability permits a remote attacker to execute code on system.
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