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computer vulnerability alert CVE-2017-0161 CVE-2017-8628 CVE-2017-8675

Windows: vulnerabilities of September 2017

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of Microsoft products.
Vulnerable products: Windows 10, Windows 2008 R0, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 2016, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows RT.
Severity of this weakness: 4/4.
Consequences of a hack: administrator access/rights, privileged access/rights, user access/rights, data reading, data creation/edition, denial of service on server, denial of service on service.
Hacker's origin: document.
Number of vulnerabilities in this bulletin: 37.
Creation date: 13/09/2017.
Références of this bulletin: 1268, 1269, 1273, 1274, 1275, 1304, 1306, 1307, CERTFR-2017-AVI-295, CERTFR-2017-AVI-297, CVE-2017-0161, CVE-2017-8628, CVE-2017-8675, CVE-2017-8676, CVE-2017-8677, CVE-2017-8678, CVE-2017-8679, CVE-2017-8680, CVE-2017-8681, CVE-2017-8682, CVE-2017-8683, CVE-2017-8684, CVE-2017-8685, CVE-2017-8686, CVE-2017-8687, CVE-2017-8688, CVE-2017-8692, CVE-2017-8695, CVE-2017-8696, CVE-2017-8699, CVE-2017-8702, CVE-2017-8704, CVE-2017-8706, CVE-2017-8707, CVE-2017-8708, CVE-2017-8709, CVE-2017-8710, CVE-2017-8711, CVE-2017-8712, CVE-2017-8713, CVE-2017-8714, CVE-2017-8716, CVE-2017-8719, CVE-2017-8720, CVE-2017-8728, CVE-2017-8737, CVE-2017-8746, VIGILANCE-VUL-23826, ZDI-17-724, ZDI-17-728, ZDI-17-729, ZDI-17-733, ZDI-17-734, ZDI-17-735.

Description of the vulnerability

An attacker can use several vulnerabilities of Microsoft products.

The document located in information sources was generated by Vigil@nce from the Microsoft database. It contains details for each product.
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