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vulnerability announce CVE-2006-3458

Zope: information disclosure via reStructuredText

Synthesis of the vulnerability

An attacker can use reStructuredText data in order to read files from system.
Vulnerable products: Debian, openSUSE, Zope 2, BlueBream.
Severity of this weakness: 2/4.
Consequences of a hack: data reading.
Hacker's origin: intranet client.
Creation date: 06/07/2006.
Références of this bulletin: CERTA-2002-AVI-034, CERTA-2006-AVI-304, CVE-2006-3458, DSA-1113-1, Hotfix-20060705, Hotfix-2006-07-05, SUSE-SR:2006:019, VIGILANCE-VUL-5982.

Description of the vulnerability

The Docutils package manipulates text documents. Its reStructuredText component generates documents from a markup language.

The "raw" directive of reStructuredText inserts raw data without honoring markups. For example:
  raw:: html (followed by HTML data)
  raw:: file:/directory/file
This directive thus permits to read a file. The Docutils documentation recommends to deactivate it. However, Zope2 does not deactivate it.

An attacker allowed to input reStructuredText data can therefore read files from system.
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