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Vulnerability of m4: code execution

Synthesis of the vulnerability 

Two vulnerabilities of m4 can be used by an attacker to execute macros or code.
Vulnerable systems: Slackware, Unix (platform) ~ not comprehensive.
Severity of this threat: 1/4.
Number of vulnerabilities in this bulletin: 2.
Creation date: 08/04/2008.
Références of this weakness: BID-28688, CVE-2008-1687, CVE-2008-1688, SSA:2008-098-01, VIGILANCE-VUL-7736.

Description of the vulnerability 

The m4 program interprets text files in order to generate a result. This interpreter has two vulnerabilities.

The maketemp and mkstemp macros generate random filenames. It is possible, but unlikely, that the generated name is the name of a macro. When these names are used, they thus have to be handled as a string between quote characters. However, this is not the case, thus the associated macro can be executed. [severity:1/4; CVE-2008-1687]

The "-F" option introduced in version 1.4 can be used to save the internal state in a ".m4f" file. When it is used with file names containing format characters, a format attack can occur and lead to code execution. [severity:1/4; CVE-2008-1688]
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This security bulletin impacts software or systems such as Slackware, Unix (platform) ~ not comprehensive.

Our Vigil@nce team determined that the severity of this cybersecurity announce is low.

The trust level is of type confirmed by the editor, with an origin of document.

This bulletin is about 2 vulnerabilities.

An attacker with a expert ability can exploit this vulnerability alert.

Solutions for this threat 

m4: version 1.4.11.
Version 1.4.11 is corrected:

Slackware: new m4 packages.
New packages are available:
Slackware 8.1:
Slackware 9.0:
Slackware 9.1:
Slackware 10.0:
Slackware 10.1:
Slackware 10.2:
Slackware 11.0:
Slackware 12.0:
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